A cooperative that
works and learns together.

Development of educational institutions

Through training, education and coaching of professionals, we help you to progress and become better. Or to investigate and solve a problem. Themes that often recur are:

  • Dealing with a tough class
  • Promote mutual respect in an institution
  • Diversity policy
  • Didactics for boys

Erasmus + projects and international projects

  • Organization and supervision of study visits to Dutch institutions. Sharing knowledge, but also help with education improvement projects.
  • Training at home and abroad
  • Projects on trauma-sensitive working in various countries.
  • (Co-)develop international cooperation projects.
  • Sharing expertise with foreign partners.

Advice and guidance of boards and authorities

  • Developing strategic policy in collaborations.
  • Making school designs
  • Advising and supporting directors
  • Evaluation and monitoring of change and improvement processes
  • Promote and develop self-evaluation in schools

Project management of change and improvement processes

We help you develop project plans and conduct project management in collaboration with the client.
We have the expertise necessary for good project- and program management, as well as training and helping individuals or groups professionalize.
The consultants of EduXprss advise, assist with instrument development and at the same time we also perform analyzes within a class, school or board. We can provide the right support needed to implement a good quality improvement.

Educational support tools

  • Develop and operate procedures and processes
  • Develop elements of curricula aimed at student participation
  • Examination and policy development
  • Pupil determination
  • Promoting public debate.
  • Developing “communities of practice”

Works and learns together

EduXprss is a cooperative of advisers and trainers who are committed to improving and innovating for optimal opportunities and broad development for all learning people in educational institutions at home and abroad.

Education matters to everyone and builds every day on what was important yesterday. At the same time, education works on the future of students and society and should be effective, efficient, affective and inspiring.

For educational institutions this explains:

+ The urgency of all actors to be able to jointly contribute to inspiring learning every day, based on their space, capacity and interaction with the environment.

+ The importance for educational institutions to ensure that all beliefs, capacities, tools and structures on which institutions are built, in conjunction with government regulations, lead to returns that take participants further.

+ The space and necessity to create a future together every day. Central is the desire and desire to prepare students for their future that is becoming less predictable, taking into account his or her own possibilities and wishes.

Development of educational institutions

EduXprss has consultants who have the necessary expertise to be deployed widely. We offer support with issues regarding:

Training, education and coaching of professionals working in educational institutions.
Evaluation and monitoring of change and improvement processes.
Developing and operating educational support tools.

Professionalization and strategic development

Advice and guidance of boards and governmental authorities.
Project management of change and improvement processes.
Promoting public debate.

About Eduxprss

The mission of EduXprss is to improve or innovate educational institutions at home and abroad with a view to a broad development and optimal opportunities for every learner. We want to learn from and with each other.

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The Team

These are the members of EduXprss

Adem Baskaya

Project Leader, Consultant, Intermediary

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Sjouke Ummels

Trainer, Pedagogue, Educational Project Leader

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Dolf Hautvast

Trainer, Developer, Coach

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Boudewijn van Velzen

Adviser, Trainer, Author

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Respect Foundation


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Karen van Kooten

Remedial Educationalist, School Counselor, Trainer

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Mine Durmaz

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