Sjouke Ummels

Sjouke Ummels
Telephone: +31 (0)6 2355 5973

“Increasing the resilience of children and young people for a bright future”

After the Pedagogical Sciences course, I have spent the past 10 years as a trainer, relationship manager and educational project leader at various (non-profit) organizations for the psychosocial development of children and young people. I mainly focused on children and young people who grow up while they are exposed to (extreme) stress factors in the environment.

With the Superhero Academy, I focus nationally and internationally on increasing the resilience of children and young people from (post) conflict areas. With the aim that they can develop as optimally as possible towards a bright future. This is achieved by both young people and the professionals around them, transferring knowledge and skills in the field of resilience, trauma-sensitive support, identity development and future orientation.

My strength lies in connecting, activating and enthusing people to make a difference themselves. I always believe in looking at what is going well and taking that as a starting point for tackling every challenge.