The difficult classroom

We know that difficult students do not exist. But there are many young people who have to deal with specific problems and sometimes with multiple problems. They need a specific approach that requires real attention. Dolf Hautvast is our expert when it comes to guiding and supporting schools and teachers to ultimately help young people with their problems.

For the Montessori school Arcade, EduXprss has developed and implemented a tailor-made program to teach the team to deal with the difficult class. Montessori School Arcade is a social community where the child develops into an independent, independent person, connected in freedom, in a prepared, safe and modern environment.

Our approach at the school focuses on the following three subjects.

  • A group dynamics program with the elements of Meeting-Meeting-Collaboration
  • Student action plans based on lesson observations.
  • Team sessions in which core qualities are identified, the pedagogical-didactic line is refined and in which short training courses take place on, for example, Positive Behavior Support or Multiple Intelligence.

It is also possible to arrange individual guidance.

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