The young child 

The young childEduXprss hosted a group of high school students from Turkey who are preparing for a career in education. The students came to the Netherlands under the guidance of their teachers as part of an Erasmus+ project to learn more about the development of young children.

Together, we covered different topics within education, including thematic work. The students had the opportunity to observe various teaching methods and differentiated instruction, exploring how both analog and digital tools can be utilized in the process.

Furthermore, we explored the educational offerings for young children and drew comparisons between Turkey and the Netherlands. What similarities exist, where do we share the same vision, and where are the nuances? What can we learn from each other’s experiences?

In addition to their daily program, the students visited various elementary schools as an extra activity. This allowed them to test theoretical insights against practical experiences. Questions were asked and answered during these visits, and direct contact was established with the children. It was a tiring and full week for the students, but it proved to be a particularly valuable experience for both the students and EduXprss.

As EduXprss, we are a cooperative of consultants and trainers dedicated to improving and innovating education for optimal opportunities and broad development for all students in educational institutions both at home and abroad. Education is essential for everyone and builds on what was important yesterday. At the same time, education works towards the future of students and society and must be effective, efficient, affective, and inspiring. By welcoming international students through the Erasmus+ program, we aim to provide them with the opportunity to learn with us and contribute to the mission of delivering better education to as many people as possible.

This is something we want to continue doing in both the Netherlands and abroad. If you are interested in collaborating with EduXprss, please contact us at

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