KIEM Education

KIEM education stands for active education. A characteristic of a KIEM school for VMBO (secondary vocation education) is that it becomes a school where the student is active from the beginning to the end of each school day.  The teachers allow the students to experiment and make their own mistakes within a set of parameters. The teacher is an activating motor to stimulate and arouse curiosity. They do this by teaching the lessons in a different way, but also by interacting differently with each other. Exercise and sports are important to develop mental resistance and push boundaries. Partnership with parents will be critical to the success of the students. The goal is to let all students who register  obtain at least a VMBO-T diploma after a period of 4 years.

The concept of KIEM was one of the winners of the project “Our New School” – an initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam (Netherlands). The KIEM foundation has asked EduXprss to contribute to converting the winning concept into a school design.

The new school was launched on August 15, 2018 under the wing of Montessori Schools Amsterdam (MSA).