Role model meeting

“In everything you do, do it with honor and be righteous”

Primary school director  Yucel Aydemir conveyed this important value during the first role models meeting in the context of the “Learning from success” project. The aim of these meetings is to show a positive example, so that the young people can use this as inspiration in their search for role models. By showing all kinds of positive role models, EduXprss wants to show that success is possible despite all kinds of setbacks. The audience of boys and girls from Smitsveen listens carefully as Yucel explains his life story. There is a lot of recognizability in his story, for example when it comes to the relationship with his parents. Yucel is proud of his parents because they gave him religion and values. At the same time, he indicates that he has not been able to share everything with his father. A young person in the audience asks Yucel how he has dealt with discrimination. This is also something that many young people experience. Yucel’s answer was clear: Stand up for yourself, but don’t get caught up in the negative emotions that discrimination can create.

For Yucel discrimination in his youth resulted in the desire to be more competitive and to show more perseverance. He wanted to show everyone that he also counted and could achieve something in ife and the society. Yucel combined school, volunteer work with a job. He emphasizes that connection with society is important for your own development. Do volunteer work that you enjoy, help each other and help your fellow man in your neighbourhood, is his message. Yucel learned from beautiful and painful situations and never stopped learning. He is currently a director of a primary school in Utrecht and he is proud of that. A young person asks what was central to his life that enabled him to achieve this. Yucel doesn’t have to think twice about that: Honesty and treating others with respect. By sticking to his own values, Yucel has become an important role model, not only for the young people in Smitsveen, but for everyone who wants to achieve something in life.