About Us

The mission of EduXprss is to improve or innovate educational institutions at home and abroad with a view to a broad development and optimal opportunities for every learner. We want to learn from and with each other.

EduXprss is a corporation of independent advisers and trainers with a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to learning, development and innovation. We work with and for institutions that operate in the field of (adult) education, childcare and youth care.

EduXprss focuses on:

  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Policy makers
  • Parents
  • Management & organization

The members of EduXprss advise, assist with instrument development and conduct practical research within a class, school or board. We can provide the right support necessary to implement an appropriate quality improvement.

 We also have the expertise needed for project and program management. We train individuals and groups and help professionalize your organization.

Our consultants join forces with our clients and, where necessary, with external organizations and individuals. The ultimate goal is and remains to let more students learn more. For this, it is necessary to work with partners on some issues so that all expertise required is also available to fulfill the assignment. We have an extensive national and international network with knowledge and study centers, schools, international education networks, Regional training centers, but also with Universities.

We always look at what educational expertise and other disciplines are needed, and then make a connection with the right ideas and the right people. Where desired or necessary, cooperation with partners outside the Netherlands can be sought.

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