The difficult classroom

We know that difficult students do not exist. But there are many young people who have to deal with specific problems and sometimes with multiple problems. They need a specific approach that requires real attention.

Social interaction course

EduXprss has developed a social interaction course for the Metis Montessori Lyceum (MML/Metis) in Amsterdam East. The latest developments in social psychology have been used.

EduXprss helps SIMON schools with in-depth identity trajectory

SIMON is the board of ten Islamic primary schools in the Central and Eastern Netherlands. The organization has asked EduXprss for advice and guidance in developing a process that should lead to greater support and deepening of the organization’s identity.

Boudewijn van Velzen receives ICSEI award of life membership

The International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvrement (ICSEI) has rewarded Boudewijn van Velzen.

KIEM Education

KIEM education stands for active education. A characteristic of a KIEM school for VMBO (secondary vocation education) is that it becomes a school where the student is active from the beginning to the end of each school day.

Spelenderwijs Utrecht

EduXprss, together with Spelenderwijs Utrecht, conducted a study into the robustness of scenarios developed by Spelenderwijs and the strategic policy based on them.