Trauma sensitive work

Many children and young people grow up under radical circumstances such as war, refugees, poverty, illness, abuse or Covid-19. They face fear, deteriorated mental health and the loss of security, opportunity or even confidence in a better future.


These events can have serious consequences on the development and mental health of youth; like trauma. It increases the risk of health problems and psychosocial, developmental and learning problems.


With her Superhero Academy, as a member of EduXprss, Sjouke is active nationally and internationally with training and projects in empowering (traumatized) children and young people.


Sometimes it concerns training the children themselves, but often it concerns professionals who work with these children in their daily practice: within education, social and social work, NGOs or health care. Professionals learn a method with which they can (even better) strengthen the resilience, mental health, identity development and future prospects in children.


It always concerns customization; fully geared to local needs and cultural context. The aim is to increase resilience in a trauma-sensitive manner. Special attention is paid to professional self-care to prevent burnout and secondary traumatization.


With the right guidance, children find their own strength and can use their potential optimally. This not only benefits their own future, but also that of the society around them!


Sjouke collaborated with many organizations on projects in Turkey, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Peru, United Emirates, Greece, Botswana, Gambia and the Netherlands.

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