Adem Baskaya

Adem Baskaya
Telephone: +31 (0)6-50467464

I am a born networker with both feet on the ground. I am very entrepreneurial and therefore know how to connect people, solicited and unsolicited. I always start from the demand from the client. I have gained a lot of experience in schools on an Islamic basis in particular, where I have mainly carried out administrative and organizational projects. I am very active locally and nationally in the field of education and youth care, where I can sense which issues are sensitive and where action should be taken with the environment.

My strength lies in my professionalism and loyalty, methodical work, analytical thinking, service, passion and purity and my high commitment and perseverance. I have built up a network in various sectors such as the, education sector at home and abroad, but also the financial sector and of course within social institutions such as housing corporations, religious institutions and youth care institutions.

I am very active in the field of advice and training for school leaders and administrators in primary education and at governments and youth care institutions. I also have a lot of experience when it comes to Erasmus + projects in which foreign groups in the Netherlands and other countries in the European Union receive guidance or training in writing and executing a project.