Boudewijn van Velzen

Boudewijn van Velzen
Telephone: +31 (0)6-2505 19 34

“Making more students learn more.”

Inspired by the above motto, I have worked as a consultant, trainer, developer and project leader with teachers, school leaders, boards and governments in primary, secondary and vocational education, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Until January 2010, as director of APS International BV, I was part of the management team of APS, an educational consultancy in Utrecht.

I have worked in various national project groups and as a board member of organizations within and outside education. I have been an independent advisor and trainer since March 2013, chair of the Eduxprss cooperative, active within the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI), educational advisor of the Vajra Holland-Nepal foundation (Utrecht – Kathmandu, Nepal), and member of the supervisory board of Hameyer System Beratung (Kiel, Germany). My professional interest is in policy, management and leadership in (school) organizations that want to improve their results. I have written articles and books on these topics that have been published in the Netherlands, the US, Brazil and Germany.