Karen van Kooten

Karen van Kooten
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“Education is not filling a vessel, but lighting a fire”

Motivation and belief in your own abilities, that is what i want to see in students. Students who want to learn and believe they can achieve anything. As a teacher you have a lot of influence on this, I have experienced that myself. Yet we also see students who have thrown in the towel. These students need parents and teachers who never give up and keep seeing the potential.

I regularly spend a day in front of the classroom to experience how beautiful and complex it is to properly read student behavior. The fear of not being able to do something often looks like unwillingness, lack of motivation or disruptive behavior. It is only in a conversation with the student that you find out what is really going on.

I have experience as a remedial educationalist, school counselor, trainer, (interim) internal counselor, team coach and teacher. In my work I increasingly focus on the motivation and belief in the own capabilities of adults. I believe in the strength of a team and good cooperation between teachers, parents and students. I provide training in conversation skills because a pleasant cooperation starts with a good conversation.

As an interim internal supervisor I work in schools where a lot of improvement is needed. My priority is a strong pedagogical and didactic basis for all pupils, after all, good education ensures that both pupils and teachers believe in their own abilities.