Spelenderwijs Utrecht

EduXprss, together with Spelenderwijs Utrecht, conducted a study into the robustness of scenarios developed by Speelderwijs and the strategic policy based on them.

Playfully Utrecht is the largest playgroup organization in the Netherlands with 60 toddler centers in the municipality of Utrecht. More than 250 employees participate in promoting the optimal development of some 2,200 children in the toddler centers that offer both pre-school education (VE) and playgroup activities in mixed groups (playgroups). In addition, Playfully Locations offer parents support in raising their children.


Changes in legislation and regulations at the national and municipal level were partly the reason for Speelderwijs to explain and test their vision for the future together with EduXprss. In total, three scenarios have been explored. These scenarios are not predictions but a future that is designed and conceived as jointly as possible.

During the research into the robustness, EduXprss initially worked out the existing scenarios in a narrative manner. With the help of interviews, literature research and conversations with critical friends, the scenarios were further investigated and provided with conclusions and recommendations. The end result of this assignment are building blocks for Playful Wise. These building blocks are legitimized strategic statements based on tested future scenarios in terms of both the desired results and the required investments and appropriate organization.

Playfully Utrecht has used the conclusions and recommendations to further develop its strategic policy plan and to prepare for a changing future.

Want to know more about scenario-based policies? Please contact Boudewijn van Velzen or Adem Baskaya.

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