Social interaction course

EduXprss has developed a social interaction course for the Metis Montessori Lyceum (MML / Metis) in Amsterdam East. The latest developments in social psychology have been used. The central theme is understanding the environment of young people and the question of how they can learn from social interactions and being social. The course has been tested and processed in a syllabus in workable steps. We have chosen the name From cue ball to team player. In dutch: Van Speelbal tot Teamspeler. 

Part 1  : Each others expectations
Part 2  : Inclusive and exclusive
Part 3  : From negative to positive behavior
Part 4  : Collaboration
Part 5  : Active (world) citizenship

The course offers tools and perspectives to understand the explosive and surprising dynamics of the social, and to act in an integrative way on the basis of one’s own qualities, from derailments in close friendships to heated positions around Black Pete or headscarves.

The course covers three half-days, an extensive course is negotiable. A train the trainers is in preparation, as well as a variant for groups of young people in the risk category.

Design, duration and working methods

The course consists of three half-day modules, for the development of a foundation and an in depth course. The course is surprising, gives new perspectives on development in the social skills. This way students have a better understanding when the social interaction mechanisms are active in them and how they can deal with them constructively, so that they are not a plaything but an integrating social player, in any kind of environment.

Learning goals and learning outcomes

A unique element of the course is that we work with core qualities in clusters for 4 relevant social aspects: attitude, way of working together, interpreting and responding.

We can provide and English version of our social interaction method.

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